Founded in 1928 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Ohio Valley Officials Basketball Officials Association is an OHSAA sanctioned officials association and training organization. Our referees serve high school leagues in the greater Cincinnati area.

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2010 Board

The following members made up the OVBOA Advisory Board for the 2010 – 2011 Season

President – Marvin Doyle
Vice President – Bob Kruthaupt
Past President – Tom Delisio
Secretary – Ray Vaughn
Treasurer – Dan Bley
Rules Interpreter – Tony Lingardo
Program Director – Tony Lingardo
Dir. of Officials Development – Shannon Bone
Technology Officer – Andy Larkins

At-Large Advisory Board Members

Ron Baird
Eugene Smith*
Paul Maffey
Mickey Moryl
Terry Maxey
Andy Douglass
Tom Feie
Ray Grothaus

* Eugene Smith is serving out the remaining term of Bob Kruthaupt.