Founded in 1928 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Ohio Valley Officials Basketball Officials Association is an OHSAA sanctioned officials association and training organization. Our referees serve high school leagues in the greater Cincinnati area.

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Distinguished Members

Life Members

In memory of..
Owen Donahue
Cliff Franklin
Robert “Bob” Goe
Dave Garwood
Bill “Smitty” Smith

Tom Ballaban
Tom Driggers
Bob Hartman
Bob Sagers, Sr.
Don Schneider
Ray Vaughn

Honorary Members

Active (25 Years)
Lawrence Betsch
Edward Broxterman
Kenny Chadwell
Thomas Delisio
Dennis Ehrhardt
Gip Fehring
Donald Geis
Stephen Hering
Daniel Koterba
David Kristof
Robert Kruthaupt
James Manning
Terry Maxey
Robert Mccurley
William Obert
Terry Ogden
Glen Perry
Terry Roy
Barry Ruter
Jon Sagers
Bobby Sagers Jr
Paul Schreiber
William C. Shirley
Brian Siemer
Gregory Sims
Donald Strunk
Gary Switzer
David Vater
Robert Volz
Danny Wallace
Kelly Whelan
Kenneth Widener
William Willis

Dr. Robert “Jake” Bell
Eric Dalen

Butch Burbridge
Steve Eha
Danny Haskell
Steven Kleiman
James Vaughn
Raymond Vaughn
Henry Wolfer

In memory of..
Jerry McClatchey
Mick Sharkey

Notable Former Members
Thomas Clark NCAA Mens
Eric Dalen NBA
John Larocca NCAA Mens
Mike Mathis NBA
Glenn “Buddy” Mayborg NCAA Mens
Jackie Sanders NCAA Mens
Mike Sanzere NCAA Mens
Paul Weidner NFL