Founded in 1928 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Ohio Valley Officials Basketball Officials Association is an OHSAA sanctioned officials association and training organization. Our referees serve high school leagues in the greater Cincinnati area.

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Board Minutes 7.18.16

Posted by | November 15, 2017 .

Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association
Minutes of the Board

July 18, 2016
Location: Boudinot LaRosas Meeting Room

Members Present: Andy Larkins, Marvin Doyle, Andy Douglass, Mike Milesky, Steve Stephens, David Walker, Rod Proctor, Joe Piening, David Sheldon, Bill Sisto, Grant Stanley

Members Excused: Dan Bley, John Eppensteiner, Sean Burns, Kevin Larsen

President Doyle called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

Moved to accept prior meeting minutes. – Unanimous

David Siefring interviewed for Program Director

Jeffrey Logsdon interviewed for Program Director

Moved to appoint Jeffrey Logsdon to Program Director – Unanimous

Moved to renew Andy Larkins to Secretary – Unanimous

Moved to eliminate the Technology Officer position and assign his tasks to the Program Director and Rule Interpreter. – Unanimous

Moved to set the officer stipends to the following: Secretary $1500, Treasurer $400, Rules Interpreter $500, Program Director $300, Director of Officials Development $200. – Unanimous. (Comment: These changes with elimination of Tech Officer provides savings of $700 per yer)

Moved to change late dues from $42 to $45 – Unanimous

Moved to accept 2017 meetings dated of 10.30, 11.06, 11.13, 11.20, 11.27 and 1.08 – Unanimous

Discussed Tehan Smith Award – Tabled

Discussed Hall of Fame process. No Nomination.

Moved to Adjourn