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2014 / 2015 Referee Magazine Basketball Officials Quiz

Posted by | December 8, 2014 .

In each of the following, you are given a
situation and at least two possible answers.
Decide which answer or answers are
correct for NFHS, NCAA men’s and NCAA
women’s rules, which might vary.

1. A1 is dribbling in team A’s frontcourt
outside the three-point line. Defender B2
places his or her right hand on A1 and then
removes. A1 then takes a few dribbles, B2
touches A1 with his or her left hand. B2’s
hands do not displace, hold or impede the
progress of A1. Is that a foul?

a. Play should continue; no foul has
b. A foul should be ruled on B2 for
placing an extended arm bar on A1.
c. A foul should be ruled on B2 for
contacting a player more than once with
the same or alternating hands.
d. A foul should be ruled when the official
deems this contact as continual jabbing.