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Board Minutes 05.19.14

Posted by | May 20, 2014 .

Minutes of the Board
May 19, 2014
Location: Office of Appica, 302 West 3rd, Cincinnati, OH 45202

 Members Present: Andy Larkins, Shannon Bone, Dan Bley, Andy Douglass, Dale Goodwin, Jason Fraley, Mike Niehaus, Joe Piening, Mike Brown, Tom Feie, John Eppensteiner, Grant Stanley

Members Absent: Kevin Larsen, Bob Gruber, Tony Lingardo

 • Douglass called the meeting to order at 6:05pm

• Douglass welcomed new board members Brown, Feie, Eppensteiner and Stanley

• Larkins read board minutes from January 27

• Larkins reviewed open appointed board positions and candidates

• Moved to appoint Andy Larkins to Secretary through March 31, 2017 (AD / TF)

• Moved to appoint Tony Lingardo as Rules Interpreter through March 31, 2017 (GS / JE)

• Moved to appoint Tony Lingardo as Program Director through March 31, 2017 (GS / JE)

• Moved to appoint Sean Burns as Technology Officer through March 31, 2017 (JP / MB)

• Moved to renew OVBOA endorsement of Lingardo new officials class (JE / JF)

• Named Nomination Committee as Tom Feie and Grant Stanley

• Named Grievance committee as Kevin Larsen and Bob Gruber

• Named Audit Committee as Dale Goodwin and Mike Niehaus

• Named Election Committee as John Eppensteiner, Jason Fraley and Joe Piening

• Named Constitution Committee as Andy Douglass and Mike Brown

• Larkins reviewed Tournament selection process.  No further action.

• Moved to approve association meeting dates of 10.20, 10.27, 11.03, 11.10, 11.17, 11.24, 01.05 (JP, TF)

• Tabled scheduling future advisory board meetings dates.  Larkins to schedule via email.

• Larkins reviewed Tehan Smith award requirements; asked board to consider worthy nominees.  Directed Larkins to send out list of members over 15 years to the board.  No further action.

• Moved to Nominate Bobby Sagers Jr. to the OHSAA Officials Hall of Fame.

• Treasurer Bley presented financial report and bank statements.

• Moved to approve financial report (MN / MB)

• Larkins presented OHSAA policy of only accepting electronic payment and recommended same for the OVBOA for membership dues.

 • Moved to change the wording of section 9: DUES as follows:

       A.   Association dues amount and their payment due date shall be determined annually by the Advisory Board.

       B.   All Dues shall be paid via available electronic format.

       C.   Cash or checks shall not be accepted as OVBOA dues payment.

       D.   Life, Honorary and Advisory Board Members shall be exempt from association dues.

 • Moved to change the standard dues to $26 and the late dues to $42.

• Larkins opened discussion on logo wear / membership gifts.  Topics included ways we could pre-sell apparel and a possible golf outing to raise funds.  Stanley to head up committee to review possible options.  No further action.

• Old Business:  None

• New Business.

   • Bone led discussion on possible camp and other ways the association can help our newer members get better.

   • Widely agreed newer members struggle to get games / training.

• Moved to direct Secretary Larkins to collect more data about our membership as part of the dues payment process.  Data to be shared with assignors.  Piening to assist.  (JP / AD)

• Moved to Adjourn 8:10pm (ME / JF)