Founded in 1928 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Ohio Valley Officials Basketball Officials Association is an OHSAA sanctioned officials association and training organization. Our referees serve high school leagues in the greater Cincinnati area.

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Board Minutes 10.01.13 (via Internet)

Posted by | October 1, 2013 .

Minutes of the Board
Oct 1, 2013
Via Internet


Members Present: Doc Rodgers, Kevin Larsen, Andy Douglass, Andy Larkins, Dan Bley, Tony Lingardo, Shannon Bone, Paul Maffey, Jason Fraley, Bob Gruber, Mike Niehaus, Joe Piening, Tom Imhoff, Tony Ciavarella, Paul Kroth, Tom Huiet

Members Absent: None

• Moved to appoint Shannon Bone as Director of Officials Development with term ending March 31, 2016

• Moved to appoint Dan Bley as Treasurer with a term ending March 31, 2016

• Assigned the following committee positions:

Nominating Committee – Larsen & Fraley

Grievance Committee – Gruber & Kroth

Audit Committee – Ciavarella & Niehaus (with help from Bley)

Election Committee – Imhoff & Piening (with help from Maffey)

Constitutional Review Committee – Larsen & Huiet (with help from Larkins)

Entertainment Committee – Douglass & Rodgers


Respectfully Submitted


Andy Larkins

Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association