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Board Minutes 05.15.13 (via internet)

Posted by | September 30, 2013 .

Minutes of the Board
May 15, 2013
Via Internet


Members Present: Doc Rodgers, Kevin Larsen, Andy Douglass, Andy Larkins, Dan Bley, Tony Lingardo, Shannon Bone, Paul Maffey, Joe Piening, Jason Fraley, Mike Niehaus, Bob Gruber, Tom Imhoff, Tony Ciavarella, Paul Kroth, Tom Huiet

Members Absent: None

Secretary Comment: This issue was discussed at length during the May 13, 2013 meeting.

• Moved to Change Bylaw section 12-3-C from:

Member must regularly attend OVBOA rule interpretation meetings (minimum of 3 meetings) or declare the Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association their HOME association on the OHSAA web site.

To now say:

Member must attend a minimum of 3 OVBOA rule interpretation meetings.  In the event the member is unable to attend 3, he may appeal to the board for a 1 year eligibility exception.  The Board may vote on any appeal in person or via email and the result of the vote shall be determined by simple majority.

• Moved to add section 12-3-D to the By-Laws:Any member who appears on any other basketball association ballot shall be ineligible for the OVBOA ballot for the same season in question.


Respectfully Submitted


Andy Larkins

Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association