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Change in Reporting Sport Ejections

Posted by | April 5, 2013 .

As in the past you may continue to go to the OHSAA website,, and click on Officiating, then click on Ejections.  The actual link to that page is still –

Once you click on the link it will take you to the Officials Portal (or SMART Official).  The address for that is: to log in. You will need to log into the site prior to clicking on the side menu for Ejections.  Use your MyOHSAA username and password to enter the site. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. (the logins were not case sensitive for myOHSAA).  If you are unsure of the case for your username and password, you can login to myOHSAA and click on My Profile along the left side of your screen to view your username and password. Return to to type in your case sensitive login.

We recommend logging on prior to having to submit a report as some users will need to verify their email address before they can complete the Ejection Form. Please log into your account at  Next, click the link to verify your email. Follow the instructions on the new page to complete the email verification process. After you’ve verified your email address, you can complete the Ejection Form process as outlined below.

If you have not been on this site prior it will also direct you to answer your felony status.  You will see the “indicate felony status” and “verify your email” notifications on your dashboard.  Once you click felony status, the site will direct you to your contact information where you will answer that question.  This statement is for those officials that do not have an active permit.  Everyone else will mark this no.

Once logged into your Smart Official account, click the Official Tab near the upper right corner of the screen. Next, select the “Submit New Ejection Form” option along the left side of the page. Enter the details of the report and submit your report electronically.  Note: Once you press the Submit Report tab emails will be sent automatically to the school and the OHSAA.  Please see the User Guide at the end of this email for more details about how to complete the Ejection Form. The User Guide is also available to download along the left side of your Smart Official account.

This site is where all new officials have registered for an adult education class and taken their tests.  It has worked very well.  All officials have been brought over from myOHSAA now so we are encouraging you to login to  from now on.  From the site, you can click on My Assignments which will allow you to view, accept and decline contracts as you have in myOHSAA. 

This email has been sent to all spring sport officials; please do not call the office on this.  If you have any problems getting into the system you can contact



 Ejection Report User Guide- Official

You must submit reports using the online form provided here. All fields must be entered as you complete the form.

1. Select the Sport, Gender and Level of the contest for which you are submitting the report

2. Click the Event Date field to pull up a calendar- choose the date which the event took place

3. Click the Event Time drop down menu- choose the time which the event took place

4. Enter the name of the location of the event

5. Click the “Select a school” option for the Offending School

  • Begin typing the name of the school: a list of schools will appear for you to select in a matter of seconds- choose the appropriate Offending school

  • The name of the school, Athletic Director, and AD email address will appear for you once a school has been selected

6. Click the “Add a school” option for the Opponent School(s)

  • Begin typing the name of the school: a list of schools will appear for you to select in a matter of seconds- choose the appropriate school

  • Repeat this process to add more than one Opponent School (if necessary)

7. Click the “Add an official” option to select additional members of your Officiating crew

  • Begin typing the name of the official: a list of officials will appear for you to select in a matter of seconds- choose the appropriate official

  • Repeat as many times as necessary to completely identify members of your crew

8. Click the “Add a person” option to select the person you are reporting

  • Enter the first and last name of the individual

  • Select the coach, player, or other option

9. Select the type of report that you wish to submit

  • Ejection

  • Equipment

  • Sportsmanship

  • Injury

  • Facility

10. Enter specific details about the issue. Please be as thorough as necessary in this official report

11. Use the Submit Report option to electronically send your Report to OHSAA and the school

  • Once you’ve submitted the report, this process is complete

12. In the event of an Ejection, make sure that you contact the appropriate Principal or Athletic Director at the school to advise them of the situation