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Blue Book change highlights June Ohio Valley Board meeting

Posted by | July 8, 2012 .

Blue Book change highlights June Ohio Valley Board meeting

The OVBOA board met in June and voted unanimously to discontinue the printing of the blue book.  The pre-vote discussion covered issues such as fewer book sponsors, decreasing use of the blue book and widespread technology options.

The decision was bolstered by the fact that the production of the blue book has operated at a $900 loss to the association over the last three years.  The board believes that with the advent and required use of the myOHSAA website along with the growth in the use of smart phones, the use of the blue book by many has been reduced significantly and that trend will continue.  The board has directed Secretary Larkins and Technology Officer Maffey to provide an online version that any member could download and print for their use should some still wish to have printed information.  This strategy matches what is being employed with our peer associations.

The blue book decision was one of several spending cuts as part of an overall strategy to bring spending in line with current revenue forecasts.  Not to suggest we are in dire straits financially but the Board felt as though this should be addresses sooner rather than later.  Over the last 4 years, the focus has been on improving our training programs for the overall advancement of its members. This includes adding a training position, purchasing needed technology for meetings and adding the survey monkey system.  Now that school district budgets are tightening and based on what has happened to other groups, the board feels that in the long term, the Association needs to maintain a healthy treasury to hedge against potential long-term facility cost increases for meetings.

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