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Board Minutes – 06-04-12

Posted by | July 7, 2012 .


Minutes of the Board

June 4, 2012 Conference Room.


Members Present:  Doc Rodgers, Bob Kruthaupt, Kevin Larsen, Sean Burns, Eugene Smith, Gil Voigt, Tony Ciavarella, Tom Imhoff, Andy Larkins, Tony Lingardo, Shannon Bone, Paul Maffey


Members Absent:  Paul Kroth, Dan Bley, Randy Kleinsmith, Tom Huiet


Guests Present: None


  • Rodgers called the meeting to order at 6:15PM
  • Rodgers welcomed new board members Larsen, Ciavarella, Huiet, Imhoff and Kroth.
  • Larkins read the Board Minutes from Sept 23, Dec 27 and Jan 24
  • Moved to accept the Board Minutes from Sept 23, Dec 27 and Jan 24. (1st DR, 2nd GV, Unanimous)
  • Tabled membership and suspension reports to fall meeting.
  • Lingardo presented information about new member class.  Start date Sept 18th
  • Larkins reviewed 2012 General Membership Meeting dates.
  • Moved to approve meeting dates (1st BK, 2nd ES, Unanimous)
  • Larkins reviewed upcoming Board Meeting dates.  Updated dates to be sent out to the board members when finalized.
  • Larkins reviewed Tournament Selection process using Survey Monkey
  • Lingardo reviewed weekly quiz process using Survey Monkey
  • Larkins opened discussion Honorary Memberships
  • Kruthaupt nominated Jake Bell for Honorary Membership Status.  (1st BK, 2nd SB, Unanimous)
  • Kruthaupt nominated Eric Dalen for Honorary Membership Status.  (1st BK, 2nd SB, Unanimous)
  • Larkins reviewed Hall of Fame nomination process and previous nominees.
  • Moved to Nominate Ray Vaughn for consideration for OHSAA HOF (1st BK, 2nd GV, Unanimous)
  • Larkins reviewed the Tehan Smith nomination process and asked the board members to consider potential nominees.
  • Larkins presented the 2011 Financial Statements on behalf of Bley.  Moved to accept the financials as presented.  (1st BK, 2nd TC, Unanimous)
  • Larkins started discussion on fiscal year change.
  • Moved to change the fiscal year to 3.31 pending IRS confirmation (1st GV, 2nd ES)
  • Larkins opened discussion stipend changes for 2012.
  • Moved to lower all stipends by 10% effective for 2012 (1st BK, 2nd DR, Unanimous)
  • Larkins opened discussion on Blue Book including costs vs. revenue, changes in use etc.
  • Moved to discontinue printing the blue book (1st TC, 2nd GV, Unanimous)
  • Moved to instruct Secretary and Tech Officer to provide online directory resources that members may print.  (1st TC, 2nd GV, Unanimous)
  • Moved to Adjourn (1st TI, 2nd KL, Unanimous)



Respectfully Submitted,


Andy Larkins, Secretary, Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association