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SWDAB Winter Newsletter | Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association | Cincinnati Ohio

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SWDAB Winter Newsletter

Posted by | February 7, 2011 .


Now that the curtain is about to fall on all fall sports, it seems appropriate that the members of the Southwest District Athletic Board acknowledge the Team State Champions from Southwest Ohio:  Bishop Fenwick, Carroll, Lehman Catholic, Mason, Madeira, Oakwood, and St. Ursula High Schools. Individual champions came from Glen Este, Mason (2), Tippecanoe, Ursuline, Waynesville, and Versailles High Schools. The aforementioned speaks to a very successful fall.

The winter tournaments offer minimal changes in some areas while others will take on a new format.

Boy’s Basketball
The members of the board initiated a study committee of its own members. The mission of the committee was to explore tournament organizational options. Recommendations had been made by coaches, athletic directors, and building administrators, and these recommendations were studied in detail. Many of the recommendations centered on how to increase attendance, school enthusiasm, and revenues. After a thorough study, the committee recommended that the first two rounds in the tournament be played on weekend nights, that games be moved off college venues, that Division III be split into two nineteen-team sectionals with one being in the North and the other in the South, and that these sectionals be broken into three mini-sectionals conducting an open draw; Divisions I and III conduct sectional finals in the college venues. All of these recommendations were adopted.  The format of the tournament will have the opening rounds on either Friday or Saturday night, second round games on the following Tuesday or Wednesday, and sectional finals on Friday or Saturday. Tournament sites were chosen based on availability, accommodating size, and willingness to host.

Another committee recommendation that is still under advisement is that we not schedule three games on a school night during District Championships. All aspects of the basketball community appreciate the University of Dayton Arena and would prefer that we keep this select site. If Tuesday or Sunday of District week becomes available, a change might be made to remove three games from a school night.

Pre-sale tickets will now be $6.00 with the school keeping fifty percent of the sale of the ticket provided that twenty-five tickets are sold.

Girl’s Basketball

One change in site will find Miamisburg High School hosting a Division I sectional in the Dayton area. Mr. Tom Hathaway, Miamisburg Athletic Director, will serve as the manager. This site will replace Trotwood High School as it will host a Division I Boy’s sectional tournament. The tournament will open on Monday, February 14, 2011, and conclude with sectional finals on Friday-Saturday, February 25-26, 2011. District sites remain the same as last year.

Boy’s and Girl’s Bowling

Managers and bowling centers remain the same as last year.  The Southwest does lose one State qualifier because we tied with another district in the number of participating schools.  We sent one more last year, and this year we send one less.


One change in site this year–Goshen High School will no longer host a Division II sectional site but will remain as our District site.  Batavia High School will become our new host site for Division II.  Mr. Terry Sheehan, Batavia Athletic Director, will be our new manager.  If one recalls, we lost qualifiers last year in Division III; consequently, one less Division III sectional site was used.  This will continue this year.  Lehman Catholic and Clinton Massie will be the host sites.  This year the Northwest District will host the Division III District Tournament and has decided to use Trent Arena as its hosting venue.  This is a real tribute to Mr. Brian Donoher, Fairmont Athletic Director, and his employees for being so well organized and cordial.

Swimming and Diving

All managers and venues remain the same.  Please check for entry dates, meet times, and other pertinent information on our web site.

Another significant point to share is that the board has entered in an agreement with   This agreement will allow them to attend District Championships and take pictures of athletes during the competition. These pictures will be available for purchase.   An advertisement of this venture is on our web site.