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Board Minutes: 05-24-2010 | Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association | Cincinnati Ohio

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Board Minutes: 05-24-2010

Posted by | May 24, 2010 .

Minutes May 24, 2010

Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association

Minutes of the Board

May 24, 2010

Members in Attendance: Marvin Doyle, Bob Kruthaupt, Eugene Smith, Terry Maxey, Michael Moryl, Dan Bley, Ray Vaughn, Tom Feie, Ron Baird, Ray Grothaus, Andy Douglass, Tom Delisio, Andy Larkins, Tony Lingardo, Shannon Bone

Members Absent: Paul Maffey

Guests: Mike Condon, Dale Goodwin

· Doyle called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

· Doyle introduced the New Board Members (see agenda).

· Doyle asked New Member Class Instructor for 2009, Mike Condon, to recap his class of last year.  Condon had 29 New Members who all past the exam and became state certified officials.  Dan Henry assisted Condon in the presentation of this class.

· Doyle changed up the order of the agenda and asked the Board to listen to presentations of candidates for the position of New Member Class Instructor.

· Mike Condon was asked to present first.  Key points of Condon’s presentation are listed below.

Ø Has been our instructor for the past 8 years when nobody was interested in the position

Ø Has invested most money earned into video equipment to better conduct the class

Ø Has had success from the standpoint of promoting the association to potential new members  through recruiting techniques

· Dale Goodwin was next to present for the position of New Member Class Instructor.  Goodwins key points follow.

Ø Certified state instructor who has taught new member baseball classes for several years with Tony Lingardo

Ø Will focus on mentoring and retention of new members

Ø Previous State of Indiana Rules Interpreter

· Shannon Bone presented his resume for the positions of New Member Instructor and Instructor for Development of Class 1 Officials.  Shannon stated he would be open to fill any position the board wanted him for.  Below are Shannon’s key points.

Ø Assign mentors to all new members (New Member Position)

Ø Hold on court instruction on the floor at Court 4 Sports (New Member Position)

Ø Focus on recruitment (New Member Position)

Ø New GCL Reserve Game Assignor (Class 1 Instructor)

Ø No hidden agenda for high school, focus is on college (Class 1 Instructor)

Ø Will draw on veteran membership experience for help in class presentations (Class 1 Instructor)

· Tony Lingardo gave the final presentation for the New Member Instructor position.  Tony’s key points are listed below.

Ø Past New Member Instructor for Butler County Officials Association

Ø New Member Instructor for baseball

Ø Will work on breaking down barriers between veteran and new member officials

· Andy Larkins gave a presentation for the position of Secretary.  Andy’s key points below.

Ø Active in the administration of the association for several years

Ø Strong in information technology which will help him to better serve the membership

Ø Many references for this position available

· Moved to appoint Andy Larkins Secretary of the association to start with the 2011 – 2012 season.

· The Board entered into discussion on the position of Class 1 Instructor.

· Moved to appoint Shannon Bone as the Class 1 Instructor for the 2010 – 2011 season.

· The Board discussed the qualifications of the candidates for the position of New Member Instructor.

· Moved to appoint Tony Lingardo to the position of New Member Instructor for the 2010 – 2011 season.

· Vaughn read the minutes of the November 9, 2009 Board meeting.

· Moved to accept the minutes of the November 9, 2009 Board meeting.

· Vaughn passed out a breakdown comparison of the membership report and answered questions.  Vaughn stated that the association membership has grown over the past year.

· Vaughn presented the Board with a list of suspended members for the 2010 -2011 season.  Vaughn stated that in most cases the suspended members have stopped officiating.

· Vaughn presented a Blue Book Report and the follow topics were discussed

Ø Advertising

Ø Printing

Ø Format

· Bley passed out a financial statement and discussed the state of the association treasury.  Bley provided detail explanation of the income and expenses on the financial statement.

· Moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

· Kruthaupt gave a brief outline of the association entertainment activities for the past year.  The association will trade hospitalities with Greater Cincinnati and Butler County next season.

· Moved to accept the meeting dates for the 2010 – 2011 season (See agenda).

· Moved to accept the Board meeting dates for the 2010 – 2011 season (See agenda).

· Vaughn announced the OHSAA Hall of Fame banquet will be held on June 19 in Columbus.  Deceased member Michael (Mick) Sharkey will be inducted at this banquet.

· Moved to nominate Ray Vaughn as the association candidate for the 2011 OHSAA Hall of Fame selection.

· Doyle asked the Board to give some consideration to candidates for the association Tehan/Smith award for 2010 – 2011 season.  Doyle read the requirements that must be met to be considered for this award.  Board members  should  send nominations to Doyle with a brief resume of accomplishments prior to the September Board meeting.  The Board will vote on the nominations at this meeting.

· The Board discussed the possibility of providing gifts to the membership.  It was decided that in order to make this financial commitment the Board would have to sell more Blue Book ads.

· Discussion took place on the need to rewrite the association bylaws and constitution to better enable the Board to deal with the ever changing face of association appointments.  Vaughn stated that these changes would not alter the basic concept that all Board voting members are elected by the association.   This topic was tabled at this time and will be dealt with when Andy Larkins takes office.

· Vaughn stated that the Board should address the terms of the newly appointed instructors at their September Board meeting.  The current term of these instructors is one year.  Consideration should be given to making these appointments three years to match the other Board appointments.

· Vaughn passed out a list of the 2009 – 2010 new members.  Doyle then assigned each of the Board members three new members to call and welcome into the association.  The Board should ask the new members if there is anything they can help them with and get a feel for their first year experience in the association.  Any unusual responses should be sent to Doyle for further investigation.

· New Business:  Kruthaupt asked the Board for permission to present interesting facts about the association each week at the start of the association rule interpretation meetings.  These facts would be presented to the membership in the form of questions with correct answers awarded a small prize.  This session will be identified as “Fun Facts.”

· Moved to allow Bob Kruthaupt to present “Fun Facts” to the association each week.

· Moved to adjourn 9:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Raymond Vaughn,  Secretary OVBOA