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Board Minutes 09-10-2008 | Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association | Cincinnati Ohio

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Board Minutes 09-10-2008

Posted by | September 10, 2008 .

In Attendance: Andy Larkins, Tom Delisio, Robert Sagers Sr., Shannon Bone, Brad Kelley, Eddie Gregory, Doc Rodgers, Ray Vaughn, Tom Feie

Missing: Joe Brinkman, Bill Smith, Don Schneider, Dan Bley, Kevin Larsen

  • Larkins called the meeting to order at 6:20 PM.
  • Vaughn read the minutes of the last board meeting held on April 22, 2008.
  • Moved to accept the minutes of the April 22 meeting as presented by Vaughn.
  • The board opened discussion on the topic of the agenda for the rules interpretation meetings for the upcoming basketball season.  Below is a recap of the points discussed.
    • All presenters should be assigned a time frame and the program director should monitor and hold the topics to the time allotted.
    • Gregory has drafted a format and list of topics to be included in this year’s agenda.  He asked the board to e-mail him any topics or guest speakers, by September 20, that we would want to see included.  After he has reviewed the board’s input he will draft a copy of the final agenda for the board’s approval.
    • It was the feeling of the board that a greater focus on rules discussion and less on guest speakers should be taken.  Guest speakers that may be used should be given a topic pertinent to high school basketball and not be asked to speak on anything they feel compelled to.  Local college officials such as Tom Clark, Mike Sanzere or Buddy Mayborg should be considered first for guest speaking assignments.
    • Vaughn mentioned that we have the use of a breakout room for new officials and this may be used to tailor topics more helpful to their stage of development.
    • One topic the board would like to see time allocated to was a Pregame discussion format that would list the top ten areas that should be discussed by the crew prior to the game.  The board was again asked to send Gregory a list of these topics by September 20.  Gregory would compile a draft of the top ten for the board’s approval.  It was also determined that this list should be printed and laminated and given to each member of the association.
  • Moved to make the following list of committee appointments;
    • Nomination – Bley
    • Grievance – Larkins
    • Blue Book – Vaughn
    • Election – Delisio/Kelley
    • Entertainment – Feie/Rodgers
  • Moved to follow the same format that was used last year and hold an association sponsored hospitality in December.  Our association will pay up to $200 for food. This event will be held at one of the association Blue Book advertisers establishments.  GCBOA and Butler County will be invited to join us on a Friday evening and share food, drink and stories.  The exact date will be announced by our entertainment committee chairman Tom Feie and broadcast to the associations.  Feie was also asked by the board to select an east and west site each week where association members could gather after games and enjoy each others company.  These gatherings would not be sponsored by the association.  It is also the board’s understanding that GCBOA and Butler County will be holding similar hospitalities opened to our association and announced during the season.
  • Moved to have Al Bailey’s “Minuteman Press” company print our association’s Blue Book directory for the 2008 – 2009 season.  Vaughn was asked to inquire as to how much of a savings it would be to remove the calendar from the back of the directory.  Vaughn was also asked to poll the association and see how many members used this calendar.
  • The board nominated the following three members for the Tehan award; Gip Fehring, Bob Kruthaupt and Mick Sharkey.  A list of these individual’s qualifications will be presented to the board and a vote taken via the internet.
  • Vaughn informed the board that he has been contacted by other associations with the possibility of increasing dues in the 2009 season.  The board decided that this is not necessary at this time and tabled this topic until next year.
  • Moved to place a constitutional amendment before the association that would give the past president board voting privileges.  The purpose of this change would be to have 11 voting board members which would eliminate the possibility of a tie vote on the board and make it easier to attain a quorum to conduct board business.  Vaughn will draft this amendment and present it to the board for approval prior to placing it on the ballot for this year’s election.
  • Moved to designate the first meeting on October 27, 2008 as “Mick Sharkey Night.”  The board will take up a collection in Mick’s honor and match the amount collected up to $500 and give this money to his wife Anne to use in whatever manner she deems necessary.  Tom Delisio will e-mail the membership and inform them of our intention and instruct the membership to send their contribution directly to Bill Smith in the event they are unable to attend the meeting that evening.
  • Moved to nominate Mick Sharkey as the Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association representative for the 2009 OHSAA Hall of Fame.  The board will contact Mick’s wife Anne and any other officials close to Mick to assist in putting together a resume of Mick’s officiating accomplishments.
  • The board discussed the possibility of holding one or two of the association rules meetings on the east and west side of town.  This would not be possible for this season but a consideration for next year.  This topic was tabled until the spring meeting.
  • There was no old or new business to be discussed by the board.
  • Meeting adjourned 8:10 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ray Vaughn

Secretary, Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association