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February 2008 OHSAA Secretaries Newsletter | Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association | Cincinnati Ohio

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February 2008 OHSAA Secretaries Newsletter

Posted by | January 26, 2008 .



JANUARY 26, 2008 – 9:30 A.M.

The Officials Advisory meeting started at 9:30 am with introductions. Members present were:

Dave Beebe, Robert Coulter, Jerry Pick, Amanda Harding, Monique Huffman, Steve James, John

Keener, Ron Knight, Joseph LaPlante, Mel McAfee, Jim Oberlander, Allen Radlinski, Harry

Robinson, Dan Steiner, Steve Thomas, Ray Vaughn and Fred Vicarel.

Absent:            Carol Arnaut, Al Corwin, Dick Henry, and Phil Stevens.

OHSAA Staff Attending: Henry Zaborniak, Connie Scherpf, and Kim Zaborniak and

Commissioner Dan Ross, Assistant Commissioners Duane Warns, Steve Neil and Debbie Moore

stopped by for a short time.

Jim Oberlander moved with a second from Steve Thomas to accept the minutes of the June 16, 2006 OAC meeting.

Motion passed unanimously.

Henry Zaborniak reviewed a few important, upcoming dates for officials in 2007.

•     Assigners will be meeting on August 3~ at the Holiday Inn, Columbus. The annual fee for Assigners will be $60.00.

•     Instructors will be meeting on Thursday, June l4~ at Reynoldsburg High School. New instructors are required to take an on-line class. Emails went out to approximately 40 instructors who have not complied. Their certification will be removed if they do not comply.

•     The Officials First Convention will be July 20-22, 2007 at the Marriott Northwest in Dublin

•     The Officials Hall of Fame Banquet will be Saturday, July21 at the Marriott Northwest.

Henry discussed a possible raise in officials’ annual dues. The Board of Control will consider $50.00 for the first sport renewed, and each additional sport to $25.00. The retired fee would also be

$25.00 this year. The increase will help defray the increased cost of rule books, insurance and mailings sent to all officials. Late renewals would still be a $50.00 penalty fee on top of the actual sport renewal after the deadlines. There will be an extensive push to get officials to utilize an on­line permit renewal this year. Officials that renew on line will receive a discount of about 14%.

The OHSAA has purchased a NASO-ON membership for each local association. NASO-ON is a local officials’ association education and management tool. Henry would like feed back from Local Associations on how useftil it is and if they are utilizing their membership benefits.

A lengthy discussion was spent on the Tournament Officials Selection process. The Board of Control adopted a selection plan that utilizes a rating from each head coach and “votes” from Athletic Directors, Assigners, District Board members, Local Association Secretaries, and OHSAA Staff The rating average is used as a multiplier and this in turn provides a ranking of officials. The officials are ranked in descending order in each athletic district. Those officials are then placed into pools and alphabetized. The state pool is three times the number of officials needed from that district to officiate the state tournament. The regional pool is twice the number needed and the district/sectional pools are 1.5 times the number needed.

After the State officials are selected the remainder of that pooi will move into the next lower level for possible selection. This process was used for the sports of Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball and Wrestling. State Interpreters, among others, were used to help selection.

One change that occurred this year in basketball was made so that sport would be consistent with other sports that have boys and girls teams. If an official received a regional assignment in girls basketball, then the official was not assigned to a boys and vice versa. One advantage was that more competent officials became involved at higher tournament levels. The OHSAA is committed to identifying minorities and women that have been overlooked in the past.

One change the District Officials Secretaries suggested is to use a percentage of officials nominated from each local associations instead of the top 15 or 30. Another suggestion is to require tournament eligible officials to complete an annual review exam. Dan Steiner asked if participation in the selection process was high. On the whole, there is much more information now than with the old system. In addition, coaches are cooperating and are fair. It is interesting that about 85% of associations are participating.

Most of the members in the room had either heard of or received the information on the new technology system that the OHSAA is developing. The new technology should allow for on line testing, tournament applications, availability and better all around communication.

Joe LaPlante, IH, asked if enough information had been available for use in Hockey. For this year the OHSAA had combined information from the 2006 selections with the 2007 data. This provided ample information for rankings. The tournament selection information is set to be a three year average.

Mel McAfee, asked if officials will ever be able to see their votes. There is no plan for that.

However, the OHSAA will attempt to provide as much information to officials as possible.

Presently officials can view their ratings three times per year.

Another lengthy discussion was on whether or not Assigners were going to be able to work tournament games in the future. The present regulation will allow assigners to work sectional and district tournaments, but not regional and state contests. Monique Huffirian and Joe LaPlante both questioned the logic since not all sports are alike. The thought behind the regulation is that assigners would be conapetingior spots thattheyhelp~selectaffieiais_fbr~ Mel McAfee saidhe supported the OHSAA decision. Monique Huffinan had some positive comments regarding tournament officials during the 2006 volleyball tournament. She believed that the officiating was better this year than ever before.

Steve James asked if it would ever happen that officials could rate or evaluate coaches.

Jerry Fick moved with a second by Fred Vicarel that as the terms expire for current members on the Officials Advisory Committee that they be replaced by District Athletic Board members, DOC presidents and at least one Athletic Administrator and the Commissioner be authorized to appoint individuals representative of different sports and diversity if needed. Lengthy discussion was held. Jerry brought this motion to the table from the Southwest District because there is a concern that without district board members on the Officials Advisory Committee there isn’t enough interest in officiating activities.

Without DAB members the SWDOC believed that there was no interest from the Board of Control. The OAC used to be made up of district the DOC Presidents and Secretaries and the DAB Secretary. The change was made three years ago in order to have the six district officials’ secretaries, a representative from different sports that would include diversity of race, gender and age. Assistant Commissioner Warns commented that all committees serve in an advisory capacity. He suggested that the Board of Control is best served when a committee like the OAC is comprised of people from the field.

The motion failed 9 to &

The six District Officials Secretaries reported that they met with Commissioner Ross and OHSAA Attorney Steve Craig on January 25. One of the items discussed was the status of pending OAC recommendations to BOC from last January that had been tabled. After their Thursday meeting Dr. Ross asked Steve Craig to investigate the D and 0 insurance coverage. He will report his findings to the District Athletic Board committee. This will also include the mandatory recommendation to have all officials belong to a local association. Dan Steiner reported that Dr. Ross has authorized an officiating recruiting booth at the state boys’ basketball tournament and at as many regional sites as could be staffed. The OHSAA will pick up all costs related to this activity. Based on last years’ costs the OHSAA will expend $5,000 or so.

Jerry Fick presented the information Commissioner Ross had provided regarding the planned elimination of tournament officials mileage. The Board of Control voted in December 2006 that no one should be paid mileage unless, in fact, they were the actual driver to a site. There is confusion as to when this becomes effective. Steve Thomas reported that the Southeast District has paid no mileage for their tournament officials, just a flat rate. Ron Knight said that the Board of Control liked the concept of a consistent rate for officials from each districts and the elimination of mileage reimbursement.

Ron Knight came back with information from the Conmiittee that he is on and they recommended that tournament officials’ compensation should include a travel allowance based on distance travel. Not actual mileage. Dan Steiner moved, second by Fred Vicarel that tournament officials should be paid a fare game fee and a travel allowance based on miles traveled to the site.

Motion passed unanimously.

John Keener referred the following items to staff:

1) Baseball – The home site team will have infield practice first and shall complete it 20 minutes

before game time. The playing field will be cleared 5 minutes before game time for the

pre-game meeting.

2) Host management will have water available at the game site for teams/umpires usage.

3) Football – OHSAA Staff shall publish to schools & officials guidelines on placement and usage

of the 25 second play clocks.

4) Staff shall inform officials of general guidelines for usage of 6-men officiating crew.

5) Varsity umpire will veri& at least one hour before the game by the team trainer or coach that

casts/hard materials will be used (l.5.3c) and receive & retain a copy of a Doctor’s permission form.

6)      At least one game official shall escort a team to the field at the start of each half

(Recommend BJ – visitor & U – home).

John will send his thoughts and recommendations to Henry for publication for next year.

Mel said that a few school personnel questioned why information on DOG secretaries was not in school directory.

Referred to staff

Dan Steiner wanted to lcnow if local associations should be penalized for not following policies in timely manners. That will be handled locally or as the State handles it now. He also wanted to know if the secretaries and assigners could get the Adult Education class information on line somehow. Maybe with the new system this will be something that can be looked into. Connie Scherpf suggested that a test be given to new officials covering OHSAA related topics. Apparently some officials or others may be using the email addresses found on the OHSAA website to contact officials. A request to review the OHSAA policies was made.

Fred Vicarel wanted to know if the volleyball state meeting dates could be spread out a little more than they were for the 2006 season. Debbie Moore commented that they can take a look at that for the year after next since next year’s meetings are already set. –

Fred asked about allowing district secretaries to make recommendations for National Federation awards. Jim Oberlander is the state NFOA liaison. Jim and Henry will discuss how to get the DOG secretaries more involved.

Fred suggested that the OHSA.A Staff consider having quarterly meetings with district secretaries to discuss updated events, continuing education for officials and related matters.

Referred to staff

Fred also wondered if the Districts can get a legal opinion from Attorney Craig, to avoid impropriety, if same people who vote to suspend officials, also sit on the appeals board for those appeals.

Fred Vicarel moved, second by Jim Oberlander to eliminate basketball officials’ pre-game warm up jackets.

Motion Passed 9-8.

Officials continue to ask about obtaining apparel with the 100 year logo or just the logo itself. Steve Neil explained that items are for sale on the website at OHSAAgear,

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 20, 2008 at 9:30 a.m.