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Board Minutes 09-12-2007 | Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association | Cincinnati Ohio

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Board Minutes 09-12-2007

Posted by | September 12, 2007 .

Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association

Minutes of the Board

September 12, 2007

312 Plum St. (Offices of Andy Larkins)

Members Present: Kevin Larsen, Marvin Doyle, Gip Fehring, Tom Feie, Bill Smith, Dan Bley, Andy Larkins, Brad Kelley, Shannon Bone, Ray Vaughn

Members Absent: Jon Sagers, Bob Kruthaupt, Don Schneider, Mick Sharkey

  • President Larsen called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
  • Vaughn read the minutes of the April 9 Board meeting.  The Board moved to accept.
  • The Board tabled the discussion concerning the rules interpretation meeting agenda due to the fact that the Program Director Mick Sharkey was not in attendance.
  • Larsen made the following committee appointments:
    • Nomination – Doyle, Feie, Bley
    • Grievance – Larsen
    • Blue Book – Larkins, Vaughn
    • Election – Kelley, Fehring
    • Entertainment – Feie
    • Tournament Selection – Larkins, Feie, Bone
  • Larsen reminded the Board that we would be sharing the hospitalities this year with GCBOA and Butler County Officials Association.  Ohio Valley will host the December hospitality at Friday’s in Kenwood on Friday December 7.  Butler County will host the January hospitality and GCBOA will host the February hospitality.  Vaughn was instructed to contact the secretaries of the other associations and settle on a limit to spend at these functions.
  • Vaughn and Larkins informed the Board on their thoughts about printing the Blue Book.  Vaughn summarized the list of advertisers.  Larkins outlined the new formatting to include pictures.  Vaughn stressed the need to upgrade the quality from last year’s book.  Three potential printers were selected for bids, Minuteman Press, Tom Berns printing company and Jim Manning’s employer.  It was stressed by the Board that we should proof a copy of the book before it goes to mass production.  When taking the bids we will ask to have it priced out for black and white and color with regards to the ads.  Feie suggested that in the future we price our ads out to our advertisers for black and white or a higher price for a color ad.  The Board set a deadline for having all the ads in by September 26 with the hope of getting the book printed before the clinic.  The Board feels that the Blue Book should be prepared and printed in a professional manner to represent our association as a class operation.
  • Vaughn was instructed by the Board to e-mail all the Board members and request nominations, complete with background information, for the Dan Tehan award.  The selection will be done by the Board via e-mail.
  • The board considered a list of gifts for the membership.  The Board moved not to present the membership with a gift this year in light of the increased cost of the Blue Book and other anticipated costs.  The Board also decided that a committee should be formed at the April meeting to take bids and report back to the board on possible association gifts and their costs for next year.
  • Vaughn informed Board that Bobby Sagers (OVOA nomination for the OHSAA) was not one of the three candidates selected by the Southwest District Board for selection to the 2008 hall of fame.
  • Moved to nominate Sagers for the hall of fame in 2009.
  • Larsen presented to the Board, for their consideration, a new paid association position.  The Technology Officer will currently handle the formatting and updating of the Blue Book and web site; training of the membership in the various uses of the new state web site and research and development of new software for use by the association in various functions such as a hands-off tournament selection process of association members.
  • Moved to set up the Technology Officer position and appoint for a three year term Andy Larkins to this office.
  • The Board asked Larkins to leave the room so that they may discuss compensation for Larkins past and current services.
  • Moved to pay Andy Larkins a one-time stipend of $1,000 for past and current services rendered.
  • The Board asked Vaughn and Smith to leave the room so that a discussion on all officer salaries could take place.
  • Moved to revise the salary schedule for 2008 as follows:
    • Secretary  $2,000 (reduction of $100)
    • Treasurer $600 (same as 2007)
    • Rules Interpreter $300 (same as 2007)
    • Program Director $500 (same as 2007)
    • Technology Officer $500 (new)
  • The Board asked Larkins to assist in drawing up a job description for the newly created Technology Officer.
  • Old Business
    • Smith informed the Board of the annual reporting requirements with regard to the exempt status of the association.  This was done so that in the event Smith was no longer involved with the association we would not lose our exempt status.
  • New Business
    • Vaughn summarized the current tournament selection process the Board uses.  Due to changes in the OHSAA web site we will have to use attendance records to identify association eligible voters.
    • Moved to require a member to attend 3 association meetings in order to be eligible to vote for tournament selection.  The Board may consider letting a member vote with less than 3 meetings attended based on facts and circumstances.  The goal of the association is to prevent a member from being selected in more than one association.
    • Bone informed the Board of an opportunity to have Ed Rush Jr. come to town and speak at one of our meetings.  Bone was instructed to coordinate this effort with the Program Director.
    • Smith asked the Board if they wanted to continue “split the pot” at our meetings and if so he would need someone to help him run it.  Bley offered to assist Smith in this effort.
  • Meeting adjourned 9:10 PM.