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Board Minutes 04-09-2007 | Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association | Cincinnati Ohio

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Board Minutes 04-09-2007

Posted by | April 9, 2007 .

Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association

Minutes of the Board

April 9, 2007

Members Present: Kevin Larsen, Andy Larkins, Ray Vaughn, Don Schneider, Mick Sharkey, Brad Kelley, Gip Fehring, Mike Condon, Tom Feie, Bob Kruthaupt, Shannon Bone, Marvin Doyle.

Members Excused: Bill Smith, Dan Bley, Jon Sagers.

  • President Larsen called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
  • New members Brad Kelley, Tom Feie, Shannon Bone, and Andy Larkins were welcomed to the board.
  • Vaughn recapped the minutes of the November 8, 2007 board meeting.
  • Condon provided the board with a brief summary of the new member class.
    • A class of 24 students took and passed the test.
    • Dan Henry assisted with the class.
    • Mike enlisted the help of 22 association members to assist in on-floor training.
    • Each recruit was required to work 5 to 6 scrimmages
  • Vaughn provided the board, with the assistance of Condon, a summary of the Blue Book report.  The board felt that the quality of the Blue Book was down and requested that we go back to a more quality printing.  The board also moved to reduce the price of the ads $25 for those advertisers who were in the 2006 book to make up for the poor quality of that book.  The 2007 book will be substantially more in cost to accommodate the pictures and the higher quality of print.
  • The board thanked Condon for his service and he was excused from the meeting.
  • Vaughn provided the board with the membership report (attached).
  • Vaughn supplied the board with a list of members who were suspended for lack of attendance (attached).
  • Vaughn, in the absence of Treasurer Bill Smith, provided a copy of the association financial statement.  An account by account explanation of income and expenses was provided and questions answered.  Moved to accept the treasurer’s report.
  • Kruthaupt discussed the hospitalities hosted by the association.  The association hosted two hospitalities one in December at the Applebee’s in Colerain and the other in January at the Kenwood Fridays.  The hospitalities were well attended by association members and guests.  The costs of these hospitalities were within the parameters set by the board.
  • The board moved to set up, in conjunction with Butler County Officials Association and GCBOA, three hospitalities next year.  Each association will host and invite members from the other associations.  There will be three hospitalities, one in December, one in January and one in February.  The board instructed Vaughn to communicate with the other associations in an effort to set up the hospitalities.  The board directed Vaughn to request the last Friday night of the season for our association sponsored hospitality.  It was also suggested that a rotation of the dates be set up with the other associations.
  • Moved to appoint Don Schneider Rules Interpreter for a term of three years.
  • Moved to appoint Mick Sharkey Program Director for a term of one year.
  • Vaughn presented a list of association meeting dates for board approval.  Moved to accept the meeting dates as follows.
    • WEDNESDAY    OCTOBER 24     6:45 PM
    • MONDAY             OCTOBER 29     6:45 PM
    • MONDAY             NOVEMBER 5   6:45 PM
    • MONDAY             NOVEMBER 12 6:45 PM
    • MONDAY             NOVEMBER 19 6:45 PM
    • MONDAY             NOVEMBER 26 6:45 PM
    • WEDNESDAY    JANUARY     16  6:45 PM
  • Moved to pay the following salaries for 2007.  These positions were paid the same salary in 2006.
    • Secretary $2,100
    • Treasurer $600
    • Rules Interpreter $300
    • Program Director $500
  • The board discussed the new tournament selection process.  There were many concerns about the process.  Most notable were the multiple assignments given to selected officials in a single day and the absence of Cincinnati officials from the state tournament.  In light of the fact that this was the first year for the new process the board decided to table this topic until next year and see if the state can handle these problems on their own.
  • Moved to accept the dates for next year’s board meetings and board dinner as follows.  Location and times will be set at a later date.
    • Wednesday September 12
    • Monday November 5
    • Monday March 24
  • The board directed Vaughn to research the cost of setting up an awards banquet at Cintas Center (Xavier) that would accommodate the entire association.  This meeting could double as a board dinner and an awards banquet for the entire association.
  • Moved to nominate Bobby Sagers Jr. as the OVOA representative for the 2008 OHSAA Hall of Fame.
  • The new procedures for selecting the Dan Tehan award winner were discussed by the board.  Potential candidates were announced and the decision was made to present all candidates and their qualifications at the September board meeting.  The board will review the qualifications and select a winner(s).  Candidates selected for the Dan Tehan award must receive a minimum 70% affirmative vote of the voting board members present at the meeting.
  • Association membership gifts such as wet bags, shoe bags and whistles with the OVOA logo were discussed.  Prices for these items will be brought to the September board meeting and a decision made at that time on what items the board may purchase.
  • Bone suggested that the board ask the membership to consider working a minimum of 4 scrimmages prior to the start of the season.  This would serve the purpose of helping out the schools in our area and preparing the officials for the season.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Raymond W. Vaughn

Secretary, OVOA