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Board Minutes 09-12-2005 | Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association | Cincinnati Ohio

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Board Minutes 09-12-2005

Posted by | September 12, 2005 .

Ohio Valley Officials Association – Basketball

Minutes of the Board

September 12, 2005

Members Present: Tim Baumgardner, Ray Vaughn, Bill Smith, Mick Sharkey, Terry Roy, Andy Larkins, Clint Bard, Whit Hickman, Tom Delisio, Tom Huiet, Virgil Knapke, Jim Manning and David Shire.

Members Absent: Jon Sagers, Don Schneider and Tom Driggers.

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. by President Baumgardner
  • Vaughn performed the reading of the minutes of the meeting of April 18, 2005.
  • The board welcomed the new board members, Shire, Manning, Huiet and Knapke.
  • Moved to appoint Mick Sharkey Program Director for the 2005 – 2006 basketball season.
  • Vaughn presented board with some minor changes to the Association bylaws.  In addition to the changes presented by Vaughn the board also made the following addition to Section 6:  Meetings.  “The board shall set three (3) board meeting dates annually to conduct the business of the association.  The board will hold a meeting in April to close out the prior season and make appointments for the new season.  The September meeting will appoint committees’ and plan for the new season.  The November meeting will address any new concerns and certify the election.  Meeting dates will be set at the April meeting.”  See an attached copy of the revised bylaws with the changes highlighted.
  • Moved to accept the changes to the bylaws.
  • Vaughn presented the board with minor changes to the constitution.  If accepted by the board these changes will be brought to the association for adoption.  The board opted to make one additional change to Article IV:  Officers.  The addition will be made in item “A” and read as follows, “Exception: Any board member-at- large may advance to the position of Vice President without the two year waiting period”.  See attached copy of the revised constitution with the changes highlighted.
  • Moved to present the changes to the constitution to the association membership for adoption.
  • The board made the following committee appointments:
    • Nomination – Delisio
    • Grievance – Baumgardner
    • Blue Book – Vaughn
    • Election – Sagers and Delisio
    • Entertainment – Larkins and Hickman
    • Retirement – Bard
  • Moved to authorize Andy Larkins to spend up to $1,000 plus shipping, handling and tax to acquire video aid equipment for use in presentation at rule interpretation meetings.  The board also stipulated that this equipment would be limited to use by the association only and that the Secretary would maintain the equipment.
  • Moved to nominate Ray Vaughn and Mike Heizman for the Dan Tehan award.
  • Vaughn presented the board with a proposed budget for the 2005 – 2006 basketball season (see attached).
  • Moved to accept the budget as presented.
  • Manning suggested that the board sell split-the-pot tickets at the rules meetings.  Manning also stated that he would be responsible for selling these tickets.  The board moved to accept this proposal.
  • Smith presented the board with a recap of the association collections for the current season.  Smith also identified four advertisers who have not paid for their advertising fee for last years Blue Book.  The advertisers identified were Pro Hoops, Don Pablos’, Hooters and Murphys.  Smith stated that he might know a company who might agree to pay for the cost of having the Blue Book printed. The board stated that it would not be in our association’s best interests to give exclusive rights to the Blue Book to one advertiser.  If the company would decide to stop the ad we would be left with no advertisers.  Smith stated that he would contact this company and see if exclusive rights to the cover both inside and out would be acceptable. 
  • Moved to have Vaughn e-mail the association and offer free dues to anyone who can find an advertiser willing to take an ad out in the amount of $100 or more.
  • Vaughn informed board that the nomination for the association’s candidate, Don Schneider, for this year’s OHSAA Hall of Fame has been submitted. 
  • The board discussed the new tournament selection process.  Our association will be responsible for nominating 30 qualified members to work the post-season tournament for boys and 30 members to work the post-season tournament for girls.  The board moved to have the following selection process implemented.  “The Secretary will compile a ballot of all qualified candidates from the association and post it to the web site.  The membership will be responsible to review the ballot to make sure they were not omitted from the ballot.  Any member not wanting to be considered for post-season play or not qualified may have his or her name removed from the ballot.  Each voting member of the association will be given a ballot at the annual election and be instructed to vote for not more than 15 qualified candidates.  The election committee will compile the votes and announce the top 30 members in both boys and girls.”
  • Vaughn informed the board that Norwood High School, the site of the association’s rule interpretation meetings, has confirmed all the association requested meeting dates.
  • Mike Condon was announced as the lead instructor for the association’s new member class.  Tom Driggers and Dan Henry will assist Mike in this effort.
  • The board suggested that the association contact the local newspapers and place ads for the new member class.
  • Vaughn presented the board with a new two-part attendance card for consideration when our current stock is depleted.
  • Vaughn informed the board of the need to incorporate or secure Officers and Directors liability insurance.  Vaughn will research this item and have more information at our next board meeting.
  • Larkins announced that the entertainment committee would be holding their two hospitalities on December 16 and January 20 at a site to be decided on at a later date.
  • Meeting adjourned 8:28 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ray Vaughn

Secretary, OVOA-B